tomorrow it’s gonna be the first day I wear a skirt to school and I’m gonna be wearing tights (people are gonna think I’m a freak) and I hate to say I’m really nervous idk and I want to wear it but people and sigh whenever I wear my dms I can feel them starting at me I don’t want to pull out the “im so unique and different” card but it’s true all everyone wears is camouflage and victoria secret and I’m nervous

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TAGS: Stupid high school and I'm wearing them with boots and my knitted cardigan sigh sIGH idc what people think about me I just don't want them thinking about me at all
  1. fireandthestud said: I know u can work it gurl I believe in u
  2. cloudsomethings said: that sounds like a great outfit, just wear it . those people at your school they obviously don’t have good taste in clothes if they wouldn’t like it
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