i obviously have to fix the colors and the first is gonna be a pain in the butt to trace but whaddaya think 

OR any other pics you can think of my aesthetic is ‘saturated to hell cape cod 2012 1d’

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TAGS: i wanted the one where they're all in sweaters but it's not big enough :(

i could talk about 1d voices all day you don’t even know you probably do and are annoyed by it but the fact still stands

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TAGS: i'm so excited to hear louis live i can't wait

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*war flashbacks to one thing*

the best of both worlds tbh he could sing high and low

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TAGS: onewaytrigger he has so much potential!!!! stop giving him shitty parts!!!!

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his balls have dropped

they have but no one seems to acknowledge it the chorus in soml would’ve been better given to zayn or liam probably liam cause it’d still have a rough quality to it but they gave it to harry thing is he can hit the notes but they’re strained which he can stop himself just stop singing so loud i know he can but he doesn’t point is don’t make him live in the upper part of his range he’s gonna kill his voice nOT to mention his lower range is hot af idgi

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TAGS: onewaytrigger sorry for the conclusion it's tru tho

you know that one post where some girl is like louis can’t sing he can’t even sing above a c4 or s/t and then she is just shut dOwn cause out of all of them louis has the most unique tone do you know how hard it is to sing like that and not sound whiny he pulls it off so well and he /can/ sing his upper range is lovely and weightless and his lower range is so rich look you can hate him u probs do but don’t front and tell me he can’t sing cause it’s a load of bullshit

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TAGS: I FEEL THAT POST SO HARD ALWAYS not to mention he's arguably the most improved zayn has a vocal range that kicks my ass but he struggles so hard with tempo it grates on ym nerves liam is just a born singer but i like louis' voice better it's s/t he'll never have harry is a great singer but they keep giving him lines he can't reach earth to songwriters!!!! his balls have dropped!!!! and same with niall have you listened to still the one his lower range i would die but you don't get to hear it that much niall's voice is up there with louis' as fave some props to harry and niall in fireproof like damn that falsetto and the low notes also louis has the best verse in that song he sings so well i'm gonna die i've written a whole novel fuckin hell

people tryna talk about scottish independence as if they know shit the only people who have any bearing on the matter are the scottish so shut up 

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TAGS: never name your kid henry there has never been a henry alive that was not a major asshole lord henry HENRY VIII that should be cause enough

attempt to write college essay: take 3

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(by Sarah Ryhanen)
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here’s to hoping tomorrow is not a bad day and i won’t be as annoying as i was today tomorrow!!

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tumblr said i “liked” your post, but in reality? i loved it. i love you

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tfw you wanna get young but you’re just getting older and you had a fun summer but it’s suddenly colder…..

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there are so many good photos of 2012 1d how is a girl meant to choose

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is the 1d/nirvana shirt even real

nah i was just gonna copy and paste and print it myself bc i’m embarrassingly serious about wanting that shirt

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buy a cribs shirt or a 1d/nirvana shirt i can’t decide

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I Want | Harry Styles 2011-2014

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